Youth Subscription Bags

Registration for the new season of subscription bags is open! Your 1st monthly bags will be available in September.
Sign-up your reader for a monthly subscription bag full of books, crafts, and more! Each bag will include a few books, a craft, an activity, plus a surprise. Click on the appropriate picture to fill out the form so we can customize the bag for the reader in your life!
When you sign-up by the 15th of the month, your reader will receive the next month's bag. You can choose to pick up your customized bag in the library's atrium on either the first Tuesday or the first Thursday of each month. You will continue to have a bag customized for your reader each month through May or until you cancel the subscription. More information will be given at the end of the form.
Please return the bag along with your books/items by the due date to the circulation desk. Please do not return in the book drops.
The craft, activities, and surprise are yours to keep!